Innovative Ways to Incorporate Saunas into Modern Home Design

Having your private sauna in the comfort of your own home is quite enticing. Just imagine sweating away your troubles and soothing every aching muscle -pure bliss! If only you had the space to install one, right?

We are here to tell you that it is possible to incorporate a sauna in your home if you have the proper guidance and resources. Installing a sauna in your home is easier than you might think, and there is no reason you can’t envision a modern home design with one.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind way to get that deeply relaxing heat in your own home, you have come to the right place. We cover everything, from compact sauna nooks to expansive rooftop sweat stations.

So, stay with us as we help you find a perfect way to get that steam room in your house!

Factors to consider when incorporating a sauna into modern home design

Having a custom-made sauna in your home is more than luxury -it is a lifestyle statement. Having your sauna designed for regular use is a great way to blend relaxation and health benefits, all in the comfort of your own home.

That said, before you embark on this project, you must carefully consider several factors to ensure that your sauna complements your style and home design.

Here are a few key factors you should consider:

Space requirements

You can’t have a sauna or steam room (we use these terms interchangeably) in your home if you don’t have space for it, right? So, you first want to find the ideal space given your needs and budget. We highly recommend finding a space that is private yet easily accessible.

Many people prefer to have a sauna set up in their master bathroom. A key benefit to a sauna in the master bathroom is that it’s as private as it can be, and all the plumbing you will need is already there. So, it’s a win-win!

If you have a spacious basement, spare bedroom, unused closet, or even a decent nook under staircase, it may be just what you need for daily relaxation. Better yet, you may an outdoor sauna if you have a garden space, patio, or concrete pad.

Whatever you consider, just make sure that you have enough space, water and electric supply, and good ventilation.

Design elements

When considering a custom sauna, you must be careful when selecting the design. Remember, it’s best for the overall aesthetic to complement the architecture of your home and not stick out as an afterthought. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • If you have a minimalistic aesthetic going on in your home, a glass-door sauna design with large window and LED lighting works well.
  • If you want to go the rustic, you could incorporate a stone wall, log timbers, and cabin construction. It’s far easier to achieve the rustic look with an outdoor sauna.
  • If you want to go for that ultra-modern look and high-tech design, incorporate clean lines, a glass enclosure, and sleek but minimalist lighting details.

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Seeing some installed custom designs before making your choice can greatly help. Nordak Sauna Co. has years of experience customizing sauna designs. Explore hundreds of custom designs to get inspired to create a unique spa ambiance right at your home!

Ventilation and heating systems 

If you want to have the best sauna experience, your steam room must be well-ventilated. When considering a custom indoor sauna design, always ensure you go with the best exhaust system. The last thing you want is a stuffy sauna that feels more like a pressure cooker than a relaxing spa!

When it comes to choosing a heater for indoor or outdoor saunas, you have many choices. If you plan an outdoor sauna, a wood-burning heater can be considered. However, an electric or infrared system is best for most indoor saunas.

Also, ensure that your heating system is the right size to heat your steam room evenly.

Choice of materials

When you build a custom sauna, you want it to last for a while, right? Well, the longevity of your design will depend most on the choice of your materials. If you are thinking of going with a traditional design, softwoods like cedar and hemlock are great choices.

These woods are resistant to moisture, heat, and pests, making them a no-brainer for an outdoor sauna design.

However, if you want to install an indoor sauna, glass and composite materials are the way to go; besides being easy to work with, these materials are also eco-friendly. 

Remember, the choice of the material will also determine your initial cost, so that’s that. High-quality woods are more expensive than, say, glass or plastic composites. Choose wisely.

If you consider all these factors carefully, there is no reason you can’t create a luxurious spa experience in your home. A well-planned sauna offers much more than relaxation. It will enhance your lifestyle, provide health benefits, and, more importantly, add value to your property.

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Sauna concepts

Now that you have carefully considered all the factors we discussed, it’s time to take a look at some fantastic designs at work!

Sauna with glass walls in the master bath

The glass-walled sauna in your bathroom is among the coolest and most famous types of indoor saunas. The sauna will seem to flow naturally into your bathroom with its transparent glass wall.

This is a worthwhile idea to consider if you like your layout to be open and airy. Your bathroom will look much bigger and more roomy with this design. And the best part, you can get it done on a budget!

Having a sauna directly in your bathroom also facilitates a seamless transition from steam room to shower area. We promise you that it is far more enjoyable than making the long trip to the shower after a steamy sauna session!

Are there any drawbacks to this concept, then? Well, yes and no. Here is what we mean by that- while this design has some peculiarities, you can make contingencies for them easily.

For example, one would have to ensure that the glass walls are clean, which means slight maintenance is involved. You will be amazed at how much salt the walls can accumulate over time.

Another thing to consider is the fragility of the glass itself. As they say, glass is glass, and it breaks. So, being careful is the mantra for a great home sauna steam room experience with this design.

Basement wellness area with a bonus sauna

If you have an empty basement that you are itching to utilize, then creating a steam room here is a great idea. Go a step further; combine a home gym setup or a yoga studio with your sauna to create a perfect wellness space.

However, implementing this idea might be a bit tricky, especially if you have a cramped basement that is not well-ventilated. Make sure your basement has ventilation or can be modified to have vents before considering this idea.

Having an infrared sauna is an excellent idea for a basement. The IR radiation penetrates more deeply into your skin, allowing you to experience a more intense sweat at a lower temperature.

Now, if you are willing to try this sauna design out, Nordak Sauna Co. can help you at every step, from the design to execution.

Contact our experienced and qualified techs to get started at creating the home sauna of your dreams today!

Rooftop garden outdoor sauna

If you have enough room on your roof to accommodate the installation of a home sauna, we advise you to give it a shot. With this idea, it is possible to have a nature-inspired getaway right in the middle of an urban setting!

The best way to implement this sauna design is when you have some greenery. In addition to the peace and seclusion that one can enjoy by escaping from city life, this concept also increases space utilization. What’s more, there is plenty of natural light that adds to your sauna experience.

With this home sauna design, you can create a perfect blend of nature and wellness as you bask in your home sauna. It is a good option for people who want to develop an outdoor space catering to different needs.

A rooftop garden steam shower will become a stunning feature of your home, offering you a mini-retreat right in the middle of the concrete jungle!

If you are considering this sauna design, here is some advice you might want to keep handy- an infrared heater is better than an electric heater. It is much easier to install, more economical, and, of course, greener!

Backyard sauna design with easy access

An outdoor sauna is an excellent idea if you have space. The idea offers a perfect blend of convenience and escapism bundled into one!

Incorporating a backyard home sauna design into the layout of one’s home is not merely an amenity; it is an effective use of outdoor space that brings joy to all four seasons.

Linking the sauna directly to the house, either by a patio, pathway, access corridor or sunroom, makes it possible for homeowners to have a spa-like experience without leaving their comfort zone.

This design is beautiful in cooler climates due to the contrast of warmth between the sauna inside and the cold air outside.

These saunas can be styled to suit the main house and designed using materials and designs that reflect those of the main house, thus maintaining aesthetic harmony.

On the inside, a sauna can be a sanctuary of peace and relaxation through the use of ideas such as wooden interiors, a cool room with storage and coat hangers, mood lighting, music and wifi enabled heating systems. Apart from adding touch of luxury, this setup also increases the property’s overall value.

Eco-friendly homeowners can incorporate earth-friendly features like energy-efficient heaters, LED lighting, and sustainable wood. Furthermore, the home sauna can be oriented to best capture natural light and views, perfectly blending indoor comfort and the majesty of nature.

Hidden sauna in a multipurpose room

A hidden sauna inside a multipurpose room is one of the most innovative concepts in home design nowadays. It is an idea for connecting wellness with convenience directly in our daily space. This ingenious concept is driven by the need to serve the growing call for multipurpose rooms in homes where space is a luxury and adaptability is essential.

This design makes the home sauna a part of a multi-use space like a home workout room, bathroom, or even a huge utility room. The folded planes provide a sense of secrecy by delineating the space behind and in front of them as separate areas.

It is a lovely idea because it enables the sauna to be concealed when not in use. For instance, the sauna can be well hidden behind foldable panels, rollaway walls, or cabinetry so that a fully functional sauna only becomes visible when needed.

This secret sauna approach is more attractive for urban homes where space is scarce, and efficient space utilization is essential.

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